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    Special Notice

    We have a new website!! We launched our new website at www.qcnotebooks.com on 11/27/2013. The new website will have a much simpler interface, very easy to navigate too. It has a new shopping cart, and can be very easily used on mobile devises such as cellular phones and tablets. We put a lot of work into the new website, we hope you like it!

    This website at www.qclaptops.com will remain in tact for quote some time. Many of you only contact us every 3 to 7 years when its time to get a new laptop. Thats how we like it!

    We will eventually remove the remaining content of this site to a new location. The new site will be shown at all 3 domains previously used for this site. (qclaptops.com, qcnotebooks.com & quantumlaptops.com). We will not be adding any information on this website until that time. All new pricing, new information, and anything else that changes after 11/27/2013 will NOT be found on this website. Please make a note of the new website address.

    Please also visit our landing site at www.sstoffice.com for information about

    Seriously Smart Technologies, our YouTube Channel, and more.


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